Prince Ea Net Worth

Being a celebrity, people cannot hide from the eyes of the public, and the same is the case with Prince Ea.

Many people want to know about Prince Ea net worth and some more information about his career as a filmmaker and a poet.

The estimated idea about his net worth is around $30 million, as of 2023. He graduated from the University of Missouri, St., Louis.

Due to an instinctive character, he used to like everything that he did and the same happened with education.

After getting a degree in anthropology, he turned his attention to writing. He used to say that he does everything just for himself and through different tasks he wanted to prove his smartness to his parents.

He also wanted to become a great personality in hip-hop, and he had been a lead force of a movement called ‘Make S.M.A.R.T. Cool” in which the base of hip-hop is intelligence and creativity.

NET WORTH $30 Million
Full name Richard Williams
Date of Birth September 16, 1988
Place of Birth Missouri, the US
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Spouse N/A
Profession Filmmaker & Writer
Height 186cm
Weight 80 Kg

Now, let’s talk about his life and career.

Early Life and Biography

The real name of Prince is ‘Richard Williams,’ who was born on September 16, 1988, in the town of St.Louis, Missouri, the US. He got his degree in anthropology.

In 2014, he decided to forge his career as a filmmaker, and leave the desire to become a hip-hop star.

Through writing, he wanted to create interesting and motivational content for his followers. Having the view over 200 million on his videos, he has become a famous celebrity in the industry.

He speaks on various topics including race, spirituality, and the need for personal growth. Prince speaks over such topics which will open the minds of the people and prompt them to think before they act.

Prince was inspired by the ancient writers, and now he also likes to spend the most time reading and learning new things.

After completing his graduation, he started his stage name as ‘Prince Ea”. This name was taken from Sumerian history, which means ‘The Prince of the Earth,’ and immediately decides his priorities.

Awards and Achievements

Back in 2011, he used to rap for his own entertainment, and he yet used to make some videos of himself rapping back in 2011.

All those videos were posted to WorldStarHipHop and these can be seen online yet. His first mix-tape was ‘The Adolescence’ which was released in 2008, and he uploaded it on the internet so that people might download it.

Prince Ea Instagram
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The most interesting thing was that he made some metaphoric lyrics. After few days, he decided to record a video while rapping and joined the contest from Vibe magazine.

The winner of the contest would be very successful because he would gain the award with very high value. Undoubtedly, Prince Ea won this award.

After one year, he won a ‘Funk Volume’ competition. The most important thing for him was that he became very successful on YouTube and his videos got famous very much.

He also got the highest award in a competition held by Trojan condoms by the name ‘Magnum’s Live Large Project II’. The best thing about this competition was that it was hosted by a notorious rapper Ludacris.

Back in 2011, he also won the ‘Best hip-hop artist in St.Louis’ competition. After winning this, he felt that many doors were opened for him.

In the same year, he released a compilation mix-tape after selecting tracks from DJ Techne. He called it ‘The Compilation Mixtape’.

How to make net worth and How did Prince make net worth?

In 2009, Prince was very upset about the music industry and he decided to do something for the industry so that he could improve the industry. He became the leader of the movement ‘Make S.M.A.R.T. Cool’.

Prince Ea Net Worth

It was an abbreviation of ‘Sophistication Minds And Revolutionizing Thought’. Through this movement, he wanted to encourage the thinking among the individuals so that people could produce such item which had the true feelings of thinking.

He used to say that he is in hip-hop owing to his passion. The estimated net worth idea is around $30 million, as of 2023.

What Makes It So Successful?

The most viral video is ‘I Sued the School System’ from 2017. In this video, he used to suez the educational system that makes the machines students and criticizes it.

The video got 17 million views. Another famous video was ‘Dear Future Generations Sorry’ and it got over 19 million views. In this, he talks about our social issues and climate change.

He was interested in making these kinds of videos, and he considered himself as the changer of the world. He wanted to change the minds of the people.

According to the information, Prince has over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which is a very good thing about his career and achievements. ‘I am not Black, You are not White,’ was also a famous video that got 16 million views.

Any video which criticizes the skins of the people got a good counter in the form of this video. His Instagram account has more than 2 million followers.

It can be envisaged from this different activity that he will succeed in his career as a Role model for others in this industry.

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