Marie Robards Net Worth

Marie Robards Net Worth

Marie Robards Net Worth is $5 million.

Marie Robards has been a successful Activist. She is very famous as the Activist of Unknown. Basically, Marie is famous for the poisoning murder of her father in 1993, at the age of 16. That trial received the attention of a large number of people.

At that time, she was a good student and patricide was a rare crime commonly committed by men. As of 2024, an estimated idea about Marie Robards net worth is around $5 million.

Early Life and Biography

Married Robards was born in 1977. During her young age in the school, she was regarded as a brilliant student by the students of her class. Once, she provided a sufficient quantity of barium to her father.

It was at the time of dinner. Within a few hours, her father died. That event got the attention of a large number of people. Later, she became to be known for the poisoning of her father. Her parents got divorced and she became much distressed.

The name of her mother was Beth Burroughs who got married again after a divorce. As she did not want to live with her stepfather, so she decided to kill her father. The name of her father was Steven Robards.

From a young age, Marie was a good medical high school student. She wanted to become a pathologist. After her father’s death, she used the $60,000 from her father’s life insurance for her medical studies at the University of Texas.

Secret confession

As per information, Marie confessed to her friend Stacey in high school about her father’s death. She said to her that he did not die of a heart attack rather she himself poisoned him. She poisoned her father with “barium acetate” taken from the school chemistry lab.

She added the poison to the Mexican food of her father. After a few minutes, her father died. All her father’s friends were surprised about her father’s death from a heart attack at a very young age.

How much is Marie Robards net worth?

Marie Robards Net Worth

As of 2024, an estimated idea about Marie Robards net worth is around $5 million.

The major source of her income comes from modeling. She is a very famous actress. Furthermore, she is a very popular Activist of Unknown. Currently, she is living under a private identity.

Murder Investigation

After sharing a secret with her friend Stacey, her friend could not perform well in her studies. In the end, she decided to share the secret with her mother, school teachers, and police.

When police started the investigation, then it was found that her father was claimed death because of cardiac arrest when doctors did an autopsy. Some doctors also said that there was a lack of some vital machines for carrying out a full-scale autopsy.

Marie’s Trial during Investigation

During the custody, she said that she only wanted her father to fall sick. However, she was aware of the perilous nature of the poison. All the police officers found him guilty. She denied her father’s aggressive attitude toward her.

The reason for the poisoning of her father was as simple as that “All I wanted to do was to be with my mother”. As per information, her mother was planning to shift to Florida with her new boyfriend and Marie.

Due to her promising attitude of Marie, no one was willing to believe in Marie’s dangerous act. However, emotions can take control of you anytime.

Social Network

As per information, Marie Robards has become one of the most famous social media stars. She likes to post her personal and professional photos with her huge fan base on different social media platforms.

Life Story & Timeline

  • In Megan Abbott’s 2018 novel “Give Me Your Hand,” the murder was fictionalized. (2018)
  • Convicted of murder in a 1995 trial and sentenced to 27 years in prison. Later, she was released on parole in 2003.
  • She is known for poisoning her father in 1993, just at the age of 16. As she was a promising student, the trial got the attention of a large number of people.

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