Adam Calhoun Net Worth

Adam Calhoun Net Worth

Adam Calhoun is a very famous American rapper, songwriter, singer, and comedian. As per information, he is an upcoming American hip-hop star. He likes to combine the classical stylings of American music with lyrical gymnastics.

Currently, Adam is very famous on different social media platforms. He has been able to release a bunch of albums which is the reason for his success. Through his performances, he has influenced many musical artists like Young Revv and many more.

As of 2023, an estimated idea about Adam Calhoun net worth is around $2 million.

Early Life and Biography

Adam Calhoun was born on September 5, 1980, in the United States. After his father left the town, he was raised by his mother. As per information, at the age of 19 years, Adam’s first child was born a son called Tamen.

The son was from his former girlfriend named Brandy. When his son was 1 year old, he got separated from his wife. At the age of 16 years, he was sent to prison for an argument with an on-duty Police officer.

He punched the Police officer in the face. When his son was 10 years old, then he was asked to take custody of his child. He brought his son at his house. Meanwhile, he became a full social media personality.

Awards and Achievements

By posting videos on different social media platforms and on YouTube, Adam began his career. Off and on his videos have been able to earn more than 17 million views. In 2017, he appeared on the country rapper Hosier’s album called ‘Made in America’.

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His one album titled ‘Salute the Brave’ was able to reach number 46 on Hot Country Songs. In the following years, he released AmerAcal, The Throne, and Crazy White Boy EP. The last one was released in collaboration with Demun Jones and Upchurch.

One of his most famous solo albums named ‘War’ was at the top of the Itune streaming charts. Furthermore, during the crazy White Boy tour, two of his performances were able to be scheduled in Sacramento, California.

Besides releasing albums, he has also collaborated with other legends. In 2020, he released ‘Legend’ in the collaboration with Struggle Jennings. On his YouTube channel, he has more than 1.2 million subscribers.

How much is Adam Calhoun net worth?

As of 2023 Adam Calhoun net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

His career is very famous as a popular rapper and social media personality. The main sources of his income are album sales, streams, merchandising, and live concerts. Throughout his career, he has been able to gather good assets.

Another source of income is from the clothing line in which he offers T-shirts, hoodies, and many things more. The annual income is over $300,000.

Amazing Facts

As per information, Adam married Tess Violet in 2016T. Both are living happily. The names of their children are Theodore Calhoun and Annabel Calhoun. Nowadays, he is enjoying his life with his family in Frankfort, Illinois, the United States.

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1) How much is Adam Calhoun net worth?

As of 2023, Adam Calhoun net worth is around $2 million.

2) What is the age of Adam Calhoun?

Adam is 41 years old now.

3) What is the annual income?

The annual income of Adam is over $300,000.

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